Due to the death of Mr. Charles Adams, Iman Auction will sell his extensive collection of antique John Deere equipment on Friday, April 10th. John Deere tractors include an 830, 730, 620, two 420's, a 60, two A's, a B and a rare 420 C Crawler. Also selling a Bantam
C-35 Crane with a 45-foot boom. There is a full line of smaller John Deere hay and tillage equipment, iron seats, antique tools, a large compressor and much more! That's the Charles Adams Estate Auction on Friday, April 10th at 11am. From Higbee, take Route B, one mile west to Route H. From Roanoke, go eight miles east to Route H and then south one mile to the farm. A full listing can be found at or call Iman Auction at 660-388-6235.